Hello, and welcome to <we raid gud anz supel it>.
Dedicated to our experience.



A little bit about us:
We're a no-pressure guild, just here to have fun and enjoy the game with other people.

Our goal right now is to put a solid group together that's comfortable in NH-mythic with our eyes on ToS-mythic in the future, as well as putting a dominating 10 man RBG team together with a 2400+ future rating as the goal.

We are currently recruiting everyone. We are also lf 900+ for our nh-mythic raid core, 900+ for our RBG core, and two officers to manage our PVP division and dungeon groups division.

We are interested in running end-raids, mythics, mythic+s, PVP groups, RBG groups, world PVP, doing achievement runs and whatever else the game may have to offer.

Whether you're an every day casual player or a more hardcore progression junkie, we're sure our guild has what you're looking for.

Join us today via email to weraidgud1@gmail.com or in game by messaging someone in the guild.


Contact info:

Useful links:

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5-1-2017 3:49am:
We're moving our news to our forums! Click on the link above to follow us.

4-19-2017 5:02pm:
We've just opened up our forums. You can find the link on our website above.

4-17-2017 6:23am:
For those of you who don't know us our guild was founded about two months ago and we started recruiting about two weeks ago and we're up to just over 200 members in the guild currently. So far we've completed one Mythic+ guild challenge raising 750g for our guild bank. We've also recently accomplished the "Working Better as a Team" achievement allowing our members access to heirloom legs. With other achievements such as "Skinnin' for Livin'," and "Dust, Dust, and More Dust!" at 17,603/50,000, and 434/25,000 respectively, our guild is definitely showing the signs of becoming more established and full fledged. We are eagerly looking forward towards the future to bring more advancement. Thanks for checking on our up to date report and we'll see you on Tichondrius.

4-13-2017 3:44am:
We are now recruiting 900+ for our NH-mythic raid core. Please apply via e-mail to weraidgud1@gmail.com or in game by messaging someone in the guild.

4-11-2017 8:42am:
Hello, and welcome to our first issue of weraidgud news. Nothing much to report except our guild is currently in it's growing stages with new people being recruited every day. We've numbered over 150 members in our first week and we plan to continue. Check back on our website to stay up to date with what's going on with us and we'll see you on Tichondrius.